This app cannot "turn on" location services or independently extract location without acknowledgement by the recipient.

This web app provides the ability to prompt a recipient to share his/her location via a text message sent to his/her mobile phone containing a URL link. By tapping the link, the recipient permits the phone to send its current location as determined by the location services enabled on the device.

Example of a text message:

Tap link to send location to SAR:

The unique URL that is generated for the user will only contain the following characters: abdegjkmnpqrvwxyz23456789

Things to note:

  • no capital letters are used
  • easily confused combinations aren't used: 1, l


This tool is provided, free of charge to Search and Rescue organizations and their members. Join now!


This tool is intended for non-life-threatening situations only, and is likely not the best way to find the location of a mobile device. If you are working with an emergency services organization, you should take the following steps before using this app:

  1. Ask the subject to dial 911
  2. Contact the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and request cell phone forensics support


Every effort is made to provide a stable, reliable service. Ultimately, no warranty or guarantee of service is provided by this service.

Contact Chris Thompson for support